Sunday, October 28, 2012

Black Leather Journal

Oh where is my journal: black, slender and sleek?
My mind has been working, and soon it must speak!

I've fetched my best pens and bottle of ink
so that soon I may write the things that I think

It's marvelous to ponder, and please, I implore
Write on these pages, no details ignore

What's happened today sets stage for a play.
The people: the actors in each their own way.

And what of tomorrow? I can't soon forget,
so on these blank pages, no writing neglect.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Best Two Out of Three

So this morning you find
you've lost your own game.
You once were the lion
what made you so tame?
There once was a time
when you were her king
there never were fights
no tears,
no sting.
Only her smile,
her soft golden hair,
but now you are drowning
in waves of despair.
Short moments of hope
while you gasp for dear air
fuel desire to live:
don't falter!
don't give!
Defeat is surrender,
surrender defeat!
But still you are drowning,
it's painful to see
that now you're defeated
best two out of three.