Tuesday, September 18, 2012


In Elwyn Woods, I first did meet my friend
Who's known as Wraivyn. "Hark," she cried to me
That night, "to Blue Recluse around the bend!"
And so we drank and sights we left to see.
For years we've laughed and fought along the land.
And though we've never truly met, except
In land of fantasy, I know the hand
And laugh of Wrai', in mind I keep her kept.
I must admit, she's quite insane that girl
Who I call Wrai'. She creeps behind and yells,
"Don't jump!" and laughs and gives her hair a twirl.
At night she hides (beneath my bed she dwells).
It seems the Blue Recluse is never far
From me and her: that woman quite bizarre.


Elwyn Woods is a land from World of Warcraft's Azeroth. This poem is a Shakespearean sonnet I wrote for a friend I made in the game. We never shared our real names with each other. Together we endured dungeons, quests, guilds and dragons. I tangle with this concept in the simply put "For years we've laughed and fought along the land," and it's true "we've never truly met, except" for World of Warcraft. Since the mode of communication in this game is mostly via type, I comment that I know the hand, rather than the voice of my friend.

The last four lines three inside jokes. Occasionally, one of us would threaten to have our avatars commit suicide by flying as high up as possible and then falling. The result is the other avatar yelling "Don't jump!"
The second inside joke is her hiding beneath my bed. Supposedly, she lives under my bed and bakes me cookies, because she's "a crazy eskimo from Alaska" (The Alaskan part is true). 
The final inside joke is our connection with the in-game bar, "The Blue Recluse", the place we first met and visited occasionally for in-game drunken fun.

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