Friday, October 7, 2011

Look to the Sunset

*A note from the author: This poem is actually a song I wrote for a girl I fell in love with. It originally had no lyrics; but recently I found a need to include a message for her. Lo'sev, if you ever read this, and become upset...maybe I struck a chord of truth. Look deep inside, don't just reject it. Look. Think. Really look, think, remember.

Look to the sunset, and baby you will see
That there's more to life than just what you see.
So look to the sunset, and then tell me
Why do you live. Oh, why do you live?
It seems your life is empty. Oh, won't you please
Forgive how blunt your song may seem.
I don't mean to hurt you, but I have to speak the truth.
Sometimes I wonder, how can it be
I fell in love with an empty mind.
You rise, in the mornin', 'cause that's what ya do
Oh, darlin' why do you do the things that you do?
Please stop, and breath; please stop, and breath.

Now, look to the sunset and maybe you will see
That there's more to life than just what ya see.
Did you ever figure out why I left you,
Or why I let you leave, why I didn't fight
To keep you at my side when you left that night?
It wasn't 'cause of distance, Darlin', understand
The sunset spreads across the entire land
And as long, as the same light reached both of us
I would have stayed with you, I would have fought to keep you.

But you rise up in the mornin' cuz that's what you do.
You study hard, you fight for grades cuz that's what you do.
Do you crave the knowledge, do you have a dream?
What are your plans? Oh, what are your dreams?
What is your drive and where are you goin?
Why do you do the things that you do?
The answers that I craved, you never, never knew.
Look to the sunset.

Do you know how many times I told you lies?
I'm sorry, Lo'sev, me za'uv Lo'sev.
So look to the sunset and maybe you will see
It wasn't ever distance that kept me from you.
So look to the sunset. Oh, look to the sunset.
The only point to life is for us to observe
Everything beyond the sun, everything in between.
Look to the sunset, look to the sunset.

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