Sunday, October 9, 2011

Waking Up in Sleep Paralysis

“My god, my god, I cannot move.
My god, my god, I cannot move!
Am I dreaming, still asleep?
No, this is not just a dream.
I cannot move, I cannot move...
Body, list'n, I am your master!
Obey and move! Obey me! Move!
At least give some sign that you hear
commands I give, do move, do move!

Tremble, shake, or wiggle toes!
I'm terrified, and cannot move.
Is this a coma? Is it real?
Maybe speak, let out a sound.
I cannot force a single word,
Only groans that go unheard.
Obey and move! My body, move!
I am your master! Master orders you to move!

Did I not just hear from a friend
that this is normal, not unheard?
Wiggle pinky on left hand,
Oh, there we go, "a fool proof plan."
Now to the toes, the feet and arms:
one by one, I fight to free
myself from waking nightmare, dream.
I cannot move more than my toes;
My god, my god, I cannot move...

Try lips and tongue, form shapes in shouts
Lord, someone, please do help me out!
I'm heard! She walks in puzzled.
How absurd, she walks away! Did she not see
that I am fighting to be free?
An S.O.S. with blinking eyes,
what must by terror stricken eyes.
As she walks I try to shout
for her to help. I cannot move!
I'm terrified, I cannot move.

Relax and clasp your hands to fists.
There we go, they start to twitch.
Now to my toes, and arms and legs.
I force a word, a begged command:
Move! Move! Move!

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