Friday, December 23, 2011

Passion, outline

What defines your life through your long day?
Is it a god to whom you pray?
Or maybe family or in friends,
that defines passion in your life.
Perhaps it is in literature:
the aged ink on aged page?
The scent of books once they have aged?
Does your heart fly when you see clouds?
Or are you flying in the sky
when nothing on Earth can make you frown
and bring you back down to the ground.
Maybe you sail on open sea
when your pulse races, you are free.
Is it the first thought in your head
that gets you up and out of bed?
That mountain waiting to be climbed
or the cars that race along the road?
County drives or country pride?
Is it the players on the field?
Or the players up on stage?
What frees you from your bonds and cage?
Tell me, where's the passion in your life?

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